Fun Facts about No Shave November & Movember You Can’t Afford to Miss

November is that time of the year when the men show off their Beards and Moustaches while the women get divided into teams of “Beard Lovers” and “Beard Haters” 😉

So, this year what are you participating in? No Shave November or Movember? (Yes, there is a difference!)
Or are you still confused about how growing a beard is supposed to help with cancer?
And did you know that it’s not a men-only activity? Woman can get involved too!
Or that, this event is getting worldwide coverage, right from airlines to police officers are participating!

Don’t miss out on this exciting new way to help a cause. Read on to clear all your doubts and also check out some interesting trivia about this fascinating concept –

It’s the time to get Hairy!

The simple fact that your body is able to grow hair makes you more fortunate than some others. Hair-loss is one of the many hurdles faced by a cancer patient. The basic idea of No Shave November and Movember, is to encourage conversation and awareness about this topic. It is meant to make us healthy individuals realize the value of this life we are living. So, don’t take your body for granted, work hard to stay fit and help those in need.



No-Shave November : A non-profit organization

nsn_full_wideA Unique Way to Grow Cancer Awareness

In 2009 the concept of this no shave month got some purpose when the Hill family from Chicago launched an organisation called No-Shave November in the memory of their father who lost his battle against cancer. It aimed at growing cancer awareness and raising funds while also supporting cancer prevention, research and education.

Then what is “Movember”?


Movember combines the words Moustache and November. It is an annual event organised by the Movember Foundation involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise money and awareness about men’s health, especially testicular cancer, prostrate cancer, mental health, depression and suicide prevention.

The Movember Foundation suggests different ways in which you can get involved in their cause –

  • Grow a Mo, Save a Bro
    Grow your moustache and use it to raise funds for men’s health.
  • Move for Movember
    Get physically active during Movember. Improve your fitness level and use it to raise funds
  • Host an Event.
    Organize a charity event. It can be anything from a concert to a dinner party.
  • Make a Donation
    Find a person or team to donate to; or make a donation directly to the Movember Foundation
  • Spread the Word
    Share your message through social media or word of mouth
  • The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride
    A ride where dapper gentlemen ride their classic motorcycles to raise awareness & funds for men’s health. (The Movember Foundation is the official charity partner of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.)
    In India the ride took place on 25th September this year where more than 2000 riders participated across 17 cities and managed to raise almost 8 Lakh INR.


It’s not a “men-only” event

This isn’t a men-only event. Women too are encouraged to participate by skipping their waxing appointments and giving a break to their razor, hosting charity events, fundraisers etc.


Unable to go Hairy? You can still help

If you can’t avoid shaving, you can still help by encouraging conversation and raising funds by starting your own charity event or spreading awareness..



Donate or Volunteer


The No Shave November Organisation works with the American Cancer Society and few hospitals while the Movember Foundation has till date funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world.
If you want to be involved in such a project closer to home, then here in India you can get in touch with the Indian Cancer Society. They have a Cancer Cure Fund and you can even Volunteer with them. Alternatively, you can also help out the local cancer support organisations in your neighborhood.


Here’s some Fun Trivia:

⚜ Airlines support Movember

Since 2011, a lot of airlines like Qantas, British Airways and more recently Monarch Airlines have been supporting Movember by painting moustaches on their aircrafts and using unique methods to raise funds!

⚜ Carslberg Beer’d Beauty

Last year Carslberg got together with a Danish cosmetics company to create a line of beard grooming products called Beer Beauty. Proceeds from the sale of this range go to the Movember Foundation.

⚜ Celebrities Root for Movember!

According to DNA India, cricketers Ravindra Jadeja and Shikhar Dhawan, and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh have been Movember supporters. International celebrities who sport moustaches for the cause are Snoop Dogg, Kevin Connolly, Johnny Depp, and Bradley Cooper.

⚜ Beard & Moustache Love

Ahmadabad based startup Beardo is dedicated exclusively for men’s grooming products. They’ve even roped in Suniel Shetty as their “Brand Mentor”
New Delhi based brand Happily Unmarried too have their line of mooch and beard grooming products under the brand name Ustraa.

⚜ Play for Mo!

In November last year the Movember Foundation launched a free mobile game for iOS  and Android users called Run Mo Run! The player is supposed to guide Mo through five moustache-themed worlds while collecting coins and avoiding a “close shave”

⚜ University students support No Shave November

According to a 2014 article in the Times of India, students from the University of Allahabad showed support for No Shave November by growing their beards, putting up slogans and generating awareness through social media. They planned to donate the funds raised to the Indian Cancer Society

⚜ Police Officers raise funds for cancer center


In 2015, police officers from three departments in Orange County, New York were permitted to grow their beards to raise money for a cancer center in their neighborhood.

⚜ Having Hairy Troubles? Ask Beard Baba!

During the No Shave November campaign last year, T-shirt company Wear Your Opinion (WYO) created a fictional character called “Beard Baba” who helps people in their “beard growing” journey



Looks like this is just the beginning of the Beard & Moustache Chronicles! Lots more to come my friends. And with Great Beard comes Great Responsibility! 😇

After all, at the end of the day, it’s all about helping someone in need. And if you can do it while looking super hot, then why not! 😊

Quoting Beardo – “The World is full of Guys. Be a Man!”


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