11 Bryan Adams Song Lyrics to take you down Memory Lane

He can literally make magic with words. Those soulful lyrics have the power to make you feel like he’s written them just for you!
He’s got a song for every situation life has thrown at you.
He’s made you think about the things you didn’t even know you were capable of feeling.

Such a wide range of emotions through soul-stirring lyrics –
With “Summer of ’69” he’s made you nostalgic
“Everything I Do” makes you think of your first proposal!  💖
He made you feel so alive with “Here I am” and “18 til I Die”
You met your passionate side through songs like “All For Love”, “Back To You” and “Let’s Make a Night to Remember”
“Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” made you appreciate your woman even more.
And he’s made you want to be the best version of yourself through “Best of me” 😊

Today, on this great man’s birthday, let’s take a look at some his best songs.
Go grab your earphones, sit back, relax and lose yourself in some beautiful music and lyrics –


Bryan Adams-Summer of '69


Bryan Adams-Everything I Do


Bryan Adams-Heaven


Bryan Adams-18 til I Die


Bryan Adams-Back to you


Bryan Adams-The Best of Me


Bryan Adams-Let's Make a Night to Remember


Bryan Adams-I'll Always be right there


Bryan Adams-Here I Am


Bryan Adams-All for Love


Bryan Adams-Have you ever really loved a woman


Happy Birthday Bryan Adams! May you have many more!!


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